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Old Fancam BTR 2009.08.22

I know that this is very late for this con's cam :)
But i like to share these old fancam of Break the Record concert :)

DO NOT mind my ranting.
I am kind of feeling down lately. It make a bit sad when i listen to kat-tun's songs and heard jin's voice. i am kind of miss them ;(
hope these will cheer some of you guys up.

don't forget to change ".kame" to ".avi
pix and download link
pix and download linkCollapse )pix and download linkCollapse )
Some fancams to share after long break:)
Most people would think that "what the heck are you doing no one talks about BTR con anymore. we are now talking about coming tour concert this year."  but i just finished watched official BTR Con DVD and it inspired me to watch other fancam version of BTR concert. that's why i'm doing this again ne : )
hopefully people who download my videos will enjoy them as i am. and don't forget to change ".kame" to ".avi".
enjoy : )

2009.05.29 BTR Con DUES(00-16-42 - 00-19-23) : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=TGGSKQHY
2009.05.29 BTR Con Moon(00-58-09 - 01-01-02) : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=H64PPQUE

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Random: my japan trip and my new phone

I went to Japan last month. too bad that kattun didn't have activity so no promotional ads nor banners.
But i bought something in Harajuku :)

And i bought new phone:) the nice thing is not that it's pink nor cute but i type "kame" in katakana and it is flashing every time i flip it closes. so it really makes me smile evrey time after i use the phone:)
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when: 2009.05.22
where: Tokyo
what: One drop fancam
why: sharing captures

One Drop 2009.05.22Collapse )
Long time no talk!! (no post) sorry for no update. very easy explanation: nothing to share :( and been so busy ne:)
Anyway, i watched some of the fancam clips that have been sharing :) thanks so much for sharing ne:) and i just can't stop myself that i want the DVD:) anyone know that when official DVD will sell??? anyway, as usual, i bought the fancam in which the seller saying that i should not resell for give out to anyone. but you know how it feel right when you got something and you want to share. do you think that it's wrong?

so i plan to post the image capture of what i got until i can find the solution of what to do :) thanks for reading on my random post:)

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CDJAPAN, AMAZON.CO.JP, HMV AND YES ASIA. THEY ALL SOLD OUT. I normally order yes asia but i order late this time!!! where can i buy them!!! please help me. Onigai :)


semi friend only
sorry for bad layout. i can't do the nice one yet :)
since i'm still bad at computer. i think one day i will have nicer layout. :0 hopefully....

My LJ has to change to friend only....
someone has post my files in online steaming site again. this is not good not only for me but for those whose fancam really belong to in which i don't know and i should credit them. it's not fair for them. if it keep only within the community, it will be ok. i should listen to mixmin19
9 i hope that this is not too late.

for your information, i bought those fancam online so i don't know the origin of the files. so it does not belong to me. i only cut some small parts to share. but i end up can't resist to share all the parts i love.

only fancam will have to put the password for dl. anyone want to dl please comment and i will send the link through e-mail. sorry for trouble.

one more thing please. i would like a vote between friend only LJ or put password protect for dl files. so that i know what you want :)

after i've been thinking and thinking by myself for some time. how about password locked dl link for 1 week and change to friend only entry and unlock pass? this way, whoever in my friend list can dl as much as they want after one week time. and those who don't want to friend me, can ask for password during my 1st week of my new posting.


Sep. 20th, 2008

anyone who wish to friend me, please leave comment here ; )
and for anyone that post me comment or asking for the pass and i do not reply, please repost here coz i might miss out : )
and for anyone who post me thank you note, if i do not reply it means that i also miss out. therefore, You're welcome : )